People of QHOP: Laurie Konyalian

No man [woman] is greater than his [her] prayer life. ”-Ravenhill


I am looking forward to serving at the Quebec House of Prayer this Fall. As I have been there many times in recent years, for me, QHOP is a place to encounter Jesus, a place to intercede and worship. I love the above quotation because it is so true. Prayer sets the tone for everything else that happens in the Kingdom. Prayer is the heartbeat from which all other ministry gets its pulse, it is the very thing that keeps us in tune with the Father, aligned with Jesus and in step with the Holy Spirit! It is in the place of prayer that we become alive, awake and aflame with the fire of God! It is the place of prayer that we get God’s heart and mind for people, tribes nations, and His church. It is the place where we emboldened and empowered to go and radically do the things that Jesus is asking us to do both individually and corporately. It is the key to make way for the Lord is our families, cities and country and in the nations across the earth. It is no wonder the disciples in the early church devoted themselves to prayer, and it’s no wonder that the place the disciples prayed in the book of Acts was shaken and they went out and spoke the word of God with boldness. These are a few reasons why you will find me at Qhop this Fall.

Laurie Konyalian