People of QHOP: Randy Janzen

Reflection On The Prayer Room

By Randy Janzen

            The Psalmist goes on to say that as the deer pants for the water so his soul longs for more of God’s intimate presence.  The Prayer Room is a place where we can grow our roots deeply into God’s heart.  Psalms 1 uses the analogy of a tree planted by streams of Living Water, and I believe that the Prayer Room is where we get replenished with rivers of Living Water, that flow within us and impact those around us.  The Prayer Room reminds us of John 15 where it states that Jesus is the Vine and that we are the branches, thereby we must remain attached to the Vine, because apart from the Vine we can do nothing.  The Prayer Room reminds us that we need a balance between soaking up God’s presence and sharing it with others.

As we head into November, we are excited for what God has in store.  Mathew 7 calls us to build our house upon the Rock, through seeking God’s heart we are calling the Church in Quebec to grow deep roots into God’s Word thus living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  We are also excited for this coming March, when we will be heading to Jackson, Mississippi, to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who have been overlooked by society.  We will be partnering with We Will Go Ministries.  May our experience in Mississippi also open the doors for us to reach out to the inner core of Sherbrooke, QC.

            Let us continue to venture deeper and deeper into the heart of God, and as we are daily filled with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, let us pour into the lives of those around us.  I know one day I will stand before Jesus, and He will ask me what I did with the time that He gave me.  My prayer is that we get to know Him more intimately each day and to share His heart with others.