People of QHOP: Mark Sarrasin

Philippians 3:13 ” Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.” Focus.
    The prayer room. Surrounded by beauty. Dawn’s light filtering through antique windows, the stained wood panelling, vibrant plants bursting forth new life as if it were a sign of what is to come. The gentle echo of a familiar song whisper in my ear. To be drawn into the heart of the Lord is a wonder and delight. How can one keep from considering Him who was and is and is to come? Focus.
   Of course, it is not always like this.
“Love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”. He wants to be first in our lives and since he is the creator of all things, He should be.
   Just as the loving parent desires to educate, impart wisdom and prepare their children before sending them out into the world, so it is with the Lord. But He needs our attention, He needs us to focus.
    The problem is we are adults. We are worldly. We believe we know what we are doing as we have had some measure of “success” in this world. We have accomplished this, done that, been around the mountain and bought the t-shirt too….there is no humility in this kind of thinking. ” Approach me as little children”. Selah.
    See the plan of the enemy is to gain attention for himself, he wants to be glorified and far too often he is successful. He will magnify and blow out of proportion even the slightest thing. The temptation is to be drawn away from that which we know…or should know.
     To be enveloped by His presence and confronted daily with the stark reality of His unconditional love. This life in the courts of His house. How can one keep from confessing once again we have been led astray?
       To admit is humility, to confess is to grow. This is the value of being a missionary in a house of prayer. Amen
By Mark Sarrasin