People of QHOP: Celia Mayne

As I sit here thinking what the house of prayer has meant to me, many thoughts cross my mind. But to start I would have to say that I am in wonder of God’s wisdom and ever present help. He answered my prayer for a place to meet with him. I am one who easily meets with him Sunday morning, bible study, talking with friends and sharing but I wanted more. On the other hand, me trying alone at home, sitting with bible in hand and praying was not easy. It started with good intentions and would last for a moment but eventually things would  pull my attention away, cleaning, homework or calling a friend.  My prayer, was Lord help me to be more focused, to desire this time with you, to be more passionate, to be captivated by you! Help!

Soon, I heard of the house of Prayer opening up in the area. I decided to be available two times a week for 2 hours.  I found myself not necessarily knowing exactly what it would look like but I was committed and made myself available. I thought to myself, better than being at home trying to put time aside and ending up watching TV again.

So there I was, in a house dedicated to prayer and worshipping Jesus every moment. Not really knowing where to start.. So,Ok,  I’ll start with letting myself enter into worship. I found myself enjoying the freedom and presence of God. There was the live-streaming worship and prayer from Kansas city, joining them as though I was there, and yet I wasn’t.  I was not holding back, I entered in, when they sang, I sang. When the leaders prayed, I agreed and said yes Lord, here in Lennoxville, in Quebec, in Canada. What was happening to me?

In this place of worship, I found him drawing me to come in closer. Hear his heart for me. I knew somehow, he was waiting for me. He was enjoying me coming to sing to him and spend the time with Him. It was precious for me as well.  As I prayed,  I found His agreement in the word. Worshiping with the word became a passion. Meditating over His promises, His word and freely expressing it back to Him in faith and hope as prayer requests.


I was being drawn into knowing Him more in the atmosphere and surrendered into worship.  I could sit a while at his feet or read and not be drawn away in an instant.

I have enjoyed the Lord’s way of walking me into answering my prayers by giving me more time with Him.  I  saw how the sets of live-streaming encouraged me to join and seek his face. alone yet not. I was being drawn into being open to being alone with Him and not lacking what to say. I love you, you are worthy, your will be done and my cries to know Him more surfaced with hope. He did that in a safe place of worship.  The love for the house of prayer grew from there, with teaching about why a house of prayer, why combining prayer and worship, why a goal of being 24 hours. The imagery of King Davids Heart of creating  the temple, house for God with singers, instruments and gatekeepers where God would be honoured, with prayer like incense rising before his throne was beautiful.


I can’t say I have worship, prayer and God all figured out but I am committed like all christians to know him more and I am thankful for the house of prayer that gave me a place to sit at His feet.