Celia Mayne

My life vision.

Ever since I was a little girl, Jesus was a big part of my life. Until I faced hardship and my reaction was to push Him out. He pursued me with His love and drew me back to Him. On that day I encountered the love of Jesus that changed my life. From that day forward I began to experience the reality of God, the Presence of God, the Word of God, the power of God and so much more. I began to recognize His voice and my heart was being changed to His loving ways.

Worship through music really has impacted me and it continues to do so today. I have found such a freedom of expression to God to tell Him just how much I love Him. Through songs sung with meaningful words, beautiful melodies, Rhythms and beats.

In that intimate place of worship and talking with the Lord, I had found strength, hope, love and faith. I experienced God. I felt like I was all alone with God, even though I was surrounded by others.

I am still growing each day in living a life of loving the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. Also to love others and myself.

My vision is to impact people with opportunities to experience the heart of God through music, prayer and by my words and actions. With His help I trust that I can create a place through my life laid down where people can experience God and meet with Jesus face to face.

Since worship is such an integral part of me, joining in with the House of prayer felt like the right fit for me. As natural like the air I breathe. God has placed a hunger in me to meet with Him more and more. QHOPs invitation when they first opened their doors to come and sit at Jesus feet in worship and devotion was an invitation from the lord himself. I found my heart being filled with His heart and prayers were bubbling up for not only the things for my life but also for this town, province, country, and the earth as a whole.

I believe that the hand of God and different circumstances has led me to this great opportunity for me to become a part time prayer and worship missionary. This has been both a privilege and fulfillment of a word spoken to me long ago about being drawn into a place of prayer. It has challenged me and has enriched my life in more ways than I can know.

My prayer is that I continue to learn to sit , listen , worship and enjoy His love and presence. With the goal to share the good news that God is real, available, ready and able. To declare his goodness and to encourage people to taste and see that truly He is good and He desires to meet with you.

Will you not come and sit at His feet for a while and hear what is in His heart for you?


My vision is to impact people with opportunities to experience the heart of God through music, prayer and by my words and actions.