Nadine Morasse

Nadine moved to Sherbrooke in 1991 to first work at Turning Point Girls’ Home (Teen Challenge for women). She committed to that work for 4 years until she started a family with Tim Goddard (married since 1994). They have 3 wonderful children which are all serving the Lord in different abilities and serving the different churches in the area.

Nadine has also completed her Bible College years ago and has since been ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada. She has served different local churches in the area as youth pastor, assistant-pastor and then as an elder and co-pastor. Since 2016, she decided to work part-time at QHOP, where she continues to assume pastoral responsibilities at the House Of Prayer.

Nadine loves to worship! In fact, it’s through worship that Nadine first gave her life to the Lord. Worship has always been the chore practice of her devotional life with the Lord. Singing is so important to her that she even invested in her voice by getting personal lessons by professionals that are teaching at the Bishop’s University and also at the French Sherbrooke University.

Nadine has a vibrant personality who loves to praise and worship; teach and preach; counseling and see inner-healing manifesting in people’s lives by a God who loves them!


I love to worship and to see inner-healing manifesting in people's lives.