Because we believe that God is worth being known.

Because we believe that effective prayer is not natural to human beings.

Because we believe that beautiful singing glorifies God.

Because we believe that God has created music to touch our emotions and thoughts.


Singing and prophetic singing classes

Music and prophetic music classes

Prayer leader training

and various trainings related to the House of Prayer, enjoyable prayer and meditating the Word of God as well as partnering with God and hastening the second coming of Jesus.

*All our trainings are bilingual in English and French.


GROWTH – Once a week on Wednesday afternoons

Growth is a weekly HOP intern training open to whomever is interested ($10 per session). It happens Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at QHOP. We seek to understand and grow into the vision of a House of Prayer ; why, when, how, who...? As intercessors, prayer leaders and people of prayer we pursue growth and how to experience enjoyable intercession and meditation of the Word of God. Practical tools are taught. Feel free to join us once or on a regular basis. You will be amazed to see how much there is to learn.


SYMPHONEO – Once a month on Saturday mornings

Once a month we pursue very specific topics in the form of workshops and music workshops in order to grow in intimacy with Jesus and to gaze upon His beauty (Psalm 27:4) with very practical aspects such as songwriting, singing prayers, singing the Word, how to flow as a team in prophetic worship, how to flow as a musician and be able to sustain long-term enjoyable music. We desire to be a ressource for local churches and beyond to help worship teams and worship leaders grow in their skills. Open to all people who worship the Lord with music and singing. We would love to welcome you for a one-time Saturday morning or the whole series of six Saturday mornings.

Our trainings are over for the time being.


EQUIP – A full-week of training

Because we believe God is calling His people to grow into the vision and understanding of what a House of Prayer is, we believe it is the season more than every before to train and equip musicians, singers, worship leaders, prayer leaders and intercessors for their mandate and ministry. If we want to enjoy God's presence it is more than time to know how to pursue God long-term and develop a lifestyle of intimacy and deep connection with our Creator.


Because we believe in healing, enjoyable prayer and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, training is necessary, more than ever.