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To call forth, train, and mobilize intercessors to live a life of prayer as they preach the gospel, heal the sick, help the needy, make disciples, and seek to bring transformation to society; to make it our aim to personally live as fully devoted disciples of Jesus, who operate in the forerunner spirit.

To establish a perpetual solemn assembly in the Eastern Townships by gathering corporately to fast and pray, because we recognize this as essential to establishing justice in society.

To copy what King David set up before God. He had several thousand worshippers and people decreeing the word of God in His temple. We believe ministry is done best when our lives are rooted in prayer and worship that focuses on intimacy with God, as we intercede for a breakthrough of the fullness of God's power.

our Staff:

Picture of Director, Brian Allatt

Brian Allatt

A picture of Director Tanya Allatt

Tanya Allatt



A picture of QHOP administrator and worship leader, Shelley Mushtaler

Shelley Mushtaler

Intercessory Missionary



A picture of Missionary Laura Sims

Laura Sims

Intercessory Missionary

Hospitality Coordinator


A picture of missionary Jay Sims

Jay Sims

Intercessory Missionary



A picture of missionary Celia Mayne

Celia Mayne

Intercessory Missionary

Worship Facilitator

A picture of missionary Jan Van Nest
A picture of missionary Daniel Peiry

Jan Van Nest

Intercessory Missionary

Worship Leader

Aquila Bootsma

Intercessory Missionary
Prophetic Singing Facilitator

Daniel Peiry

Intercessory Missionary

Worship Leader